Tomato chutney recipe (andhra style)?

I’ve been to an Indian restaurant recently and had the Indian pancake (Dosa) along with a spicy tomato chutney. I am trying to find a recipe for this. Any ideas.

It seemed to have some peanuts in it and some sort of tempering with mustard.



  1. soundftc says:

    I know you are asking the question but I had notice some holiday jelly type products referred to as chutney, and for the life of me I don’t know what chutney is, I’m presuming a preserve?

  2. shubha i says:

    Well chutney is a spicy gravy or side dish which is eaten with indian pancakes (dosas ) and rice dumplings (idly). It has many different varieties and methods of preparation…. its tangy spicy and tasty….

    Fresh Tomato Pachadi (Instant Pachadi) pachadi in south of india mean chutney or sauce..

    2 kgs fresh tomatoes

    lemon size tamarind

    3 tbsp red chilli powder

    1 ½ tsp methi (fenugreekseeds) powder

    8-10 tbsp oil

    1 tsp mustard seeds

    10 -12 curry leaves

    10 crushed garlic flake

    pinch of asafetida


    1.Chop tomatoes into big cubes

    2.Heat 8 tbsp oil a pan and add the chopped tomatoes.

    3.Cook on medium heat till the water evaporates and a thick paste remains.Its very important that you cook

    the tomatoes till oil separates and there is no moisture. Cool.

    4.Add tamarind ball to the paste and blend in a grinder till soft.

    5.Add the red chilli powder and methi powder.

    6.Heat 2 tbsp in a pan and add the mustard seeds and let them splutter.

    7.Add the curry leaves and garlic and sauté for 10 seconds.Add pinch of asafetida and turn off heat.

    7.Add enough salt and the above seasoning to the cooked tomato paste when cool.Mix well.There should

    enough oil and salt in the pachadi for preservation.

    8.Store in air tight container.Can be preserved for a month.

    these are like jam and can be preserved for a long time.u can also spread it on ur bread top it with vegetables and make a delicious spicy sandwich…..this recipe doesnt have peanuts in it…. but is delicious…. i have never tried making the chutney u refered the tomato and peanut chutney…anyways..will give u a site which has ur peanut tomato chutney recipe…

    here are the other methods:

    hope u got want u wanted….:)

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