Looking for a “take-out” style Lo Mein recipe?

I am looking for a recipe to make Lo Mein. For right now, I just want to get the noodle flavor down, and later on I will work on veggies and meats and stuff. All the recipes I find online never taste like they do from my local chinese restaurant. I have all of the oils and sauces, but would like an exact recipe. I would also be interested in any sites or cookbooks that have that take out style food. Thanks and let me know, because I'm starving. Please no answers with Ramen noodles or Spaghetti. I'm talking authentic take-out style. Not dorm room creations. … [Read more...]

Tomato chutney recipe (andhra style)?

I've been to an Indian restaurant recently and had the Indian pancake (Dosa) along with a spicy tomato chutney. I am trying to find a recipe for this. Any ideas. It seemed to have some peanuts in it and some sort of tempering with mustard. Thanks. … [Read more...]

Im looking for the reddish Chinese style bbq sauce recipe.?

My husband is OBSESSED with boneless bbq spare ribs from the chinese restaurants. I keep finding take out cartons hidden in the trashcan and I was just wondering if anyone had a recipe for something like this. I have seen a bottles sauce in the asian isle in my grocery store but never bought it because I assumed it wasn't the same. So, do you know a good chinese bbq sauce recipe? Or is the stuff in the bottle good? … [Read more...]

How to cook kidney beans Indian style?

I visited one Indian restaurant and for the buffet they had this delicious kidney beans curry. I forgot to ask the waiter the name of the dish but it was basically kidney beans in a watery, tomato based gravy. Any idea what's it called and where I can get the recipe? … [Read more...]

What is the sauce recipe for chinese chicken with broccoli (restaraunt style)?

I have tried many off the internet and cannot duplicate a chinese restaurants chicken with broccoli sauce.Anyone have a good sauce recipe? … [Read more...]

Lebanese Style White Garlic Sauce Recipe Please!?

There is a white garlic cream sauce which is sold everywhere here in Dubai, it can be found in almost every Lebanese restaurant and it tastes wonderful but I just cannot find the recipe. I have checked all famous recipe websites such as recipezaar and I keep finding the same recipe telling to mix olive oil and lemon with garlic but I tried it 3 times and it is not the one that I eat here. What I make is 'not white' first of all! And with the recipe I found, I have something which tastes too strong whereas the one I eat here is very smooth and not a garlic bomb! :) I have found some recipes telling … [Read more...]

I need a recipe for an asian style garlic green bean dish. Please see details.?

I'm usually very good at duplicating things I eat in restaurants, but this one has me stumped and the owners won't share their secrets! It is made with fresh green beans, garlic, oil and..... And there's the problem. There is a 'base note' I can't identify. Is anyone aware of a savory asian green bean recipe that is similar to this? There is no ginger, sesame oil or chiles in it that I can tell, either. So what the mystery ingredient may be is just that - a mystery! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ETA: it is a salty type base flavor. And the beans are crisp/tender … [Read more...]

Does anyone know a good recipe for Hawaii Korean style potato salad?

In Hawaii at the Korean BBQ restaurants they have this really good potato salad where I think they fry the potatos first does anyone have the recipe for this? … [Read more...]

How do you maje the crunchy bread thing for Santiago’s style Indian Taco?

Here in Colorado we got a restaurant chain called Santiago's and it started out in my home town Brighton. I want a Indian Taco Recipe Similar to there Carinta Indian Taco. Really all I want to know is how to make the crunchy yummy fried bread thing they layer everything on. … [Read more...]

Can anyone give me any restaurants with links and information that are similar to Wolfgang Pucks style?

I want Restuarants that have similar recipes and decor as well! … [Read more...]