Greek potatoes. What is the seasonning Greek restaurant use for the great taste of potatoes?

I just love Greek style potatoes. I'm not a good cook! and I have no idea what they use to make them taste so good. What is the recipe? What's your recipe? … [Read more...]

Beef Burrito like Muchas Gracias Mexican Food Restaurant?

I love the stewed style of beef in the Beef Burrito at Muchas Gracias. Does anyone know a good copy-cat recipe? I know it has sliced onions and green peppers. It is not made with ground beef. I don't know enought about meat to guess what cut they use. … [Read more...]

Chile In Vinegar? How to make – restaurant like …?

When you go to some restaurants more hakka style chinese food type of restaurants and ask for chilies or spices they sometimes give you these small green chiles (chopped) in some vinegar. How do you make that? Can someone please give a recipe? … [Read more...]

what do i need to do to open a restaurant?

so do i need a business degree? i already know some stuff about money someone told me i dont have to although it would help i gues i neeD to take a culinary course just tell your stories of owning a restaurant please thanks :) i wanna open a "maid cafe" where the waitresses are dressed as french maids and they serve the customers with the utmost hospitality it will probably be in dalllas texas i will probably serve affordable but elegant italian, asian, and maybe some southern style recipes seeing as we're in texas lol do you think it would be successful? lol welll i plan to go to school for … [Read more...]

Restaurant style fajitas? What am I missing or doing wrong?

I know you can vary dishes like this almost endlessly, but I'd like to end up with something... restaurantish! They have so much more richness and flavor than what I seem to come up with. I admit I do cheat with the spices, I use a finished mix... And should I not fry the beef in butter? Can I do anything "interesting" with the sour cream? What sort of cheese should I use? What goes inside beside onion and bell peppers? And how do I make that delightful little veggiemix they often serve on the side? :) Lots of questions, too many perhaps, but if you have an answer to even one of them, or a recipe … [Read more...]

Chinese Restaurant style chicken satay?

Looking for a recipe that is similiar to what the local fast food chinese restaurants serve. It's chicken thighs skewered on sticks. It's deep fried (no batter on it), and has some kind of rub on it that gives it a very unique flavor. No peanut kind of sauce, which seems to be all I can find when googling. Thinking maybe the spices used is chinese 5 spice, but my taste buds aren't the best lol. Any help would be fantastic. I figured it out on my own. They use chinese 5 spice. I was worried that it wasn't the stuff b/c it didn't smell like the chinese restraunts, but the taste is the same. I used … [Read more...]

“Restaurant style” chicken breading?

I've fried up chicken fingers and stuff several differnet ways before - tossed in flour, dipped in egg, dipped in flour+water batter, tossed in cornmeal, etc. etc. What I really want is to figure out how to do the thick, bumpy, really crispy breading you get when you get chicken fingers at a restaurant, even like McDonalds. You can buy them prebreaded but I'd like to know how to do it yourself. Is there a recipe I just cant find? Or is it the deep-fryer that makes it different from just floured and panfried chicken? I know theres a bunch of differnet ways to make fried chicken, but I really … [Read more...]

Anyone know the recipe for the “Mojo Style” cooking broth at The Melting Pot (Fondue Restaurant)?

I absolutely LOVE it and all I can remember that the server put in was "veggie broth, juice from an orange and a lime, and some garlic". Any ideas? *Cooking shrimp in this was REALLY good! =) … [Read more...]

Copeland’s (New Orleans style restaurant)?

I'm looking for a recipe from that restaurant. They have a drink called Mardi Gras Punch. It has peach schnapps and Parrot Bay rum in it. Does anyone know the exact recipe? … [Read more...]

Restaurant style Sweet-Sesame chicken?

Looking for a recipe for sweet-sesame chicken, Most recipes i've found on the internet have been more savory and not like i remember eating at most restaurants. Please help me! … [Read more...]