How to Find Famous Restaurant Recipes


A few years ago I was traveling with my husband in Colorado. We stopped at a restaurant for dinner and had the best Chicken Marsala I've ever eaten. It was so good that I ended up asking for the recipe, knowing that chances were great that I'd never make it back out to this restaurant again. Unfortunately the owner refused to share the recipe. A few weeks later we were back home and I found myself craving that chicken again. So off to the web I went in search of a recipe that would come as close as possible to that of this little Italian restaurant in Colorado. During this search I first came across … [Read more...]

Cooking Famous Restaurant Recipes at Home


Eating out is growing increasingly expensive. Gas alone costs more than double what it cost only a year or so ago. Because shipping costs are growing, overall food prices are growing along with them. Because biofuels are straining our food supplies, staples were rising in price even before the cost of fuel became a problem. The end: everything involving going out, from driving to paying for the dinner, is costing you more.But you can't just give up your evenings out. Or your chili cheese fries. Or the Awesome Blossom, one of the best of Chili's restaurant recipes. What can you do? Simple: … [Read more...]

Famous Restaurant Recipes


While most people do enjoying eating out in restaurants, the fact is that most of us eat most of our meals at home. There are of course a wide variety of reasons for this - the cost of eating out, the simple fact that it is not always convenient or practical to go a restaurant (especially if you have children), and the satisfaction that can come from preparing a meal for your loved ones. As a result, eating out in a restaurant may well be something of a treat - perhaps something reserved for vacations, holidays, and special occasions. However, while restaurant dining may always remain a special … [Read more...]